Category: COLLECTABLES (14 records) SOLD - Living Estate Auction - C.J. Fields & others - June 13, 2019 @ 7:00pm E.S.T.
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Item Photo Description
T132-1.jpgCigar boxes and cigar tins as pictured

T134-1.jpgAssorted tins as pictured

T135-1.jpgStar Trek The Game, Collector's Edition #043,413 of 200,000

T230-1.jpg5 model ships Fragela Esparola 1780 as pictured

234 T234-1.jpgKiss figurines, and memorabilia

T235-1.jpgLady Death cast set, figurines, card collection, The Magic Man and Candy Man

236 T236-1.jpgAssorted glasses, mugs and plates Gzolsch jar with wire cap

T239-1.jpg13 Boxed Die Cut Muscle machines, adult collection Jessie James and playing cards in Harley Davison tin

240 T240-1.jpgAssorted action figures as pictured

241 T241-1.jpgStar Wars Collectibles, light sabre, lids, calendar

242 T242-1.jpg9 Barbie dolls plus Hulk and Pez collection

285 T285-1.jpgPorcelaIn Native American doll

286 T286-1.jpgPorcelaIn Native American papoose

326 T326-1.jpgLight house ceramics (one in a bottle), hanging plates and Historic Beacons Cape Hatteras Lighthouse by Young's